WHMCS Down for Maintenance

Are you experiencing this WHMCS Down for Maintenance error in your hosting panel?

Down for Maintenance (Err 2)
An upgrade is currently in progress… Please come back soon…

WHMCS down for maintenance error message

There are two possible reasons for this error message:

1. Maintenance Mode

This is not such a common problem since you’ll still be able to access the admin area of the WHMCS hosting panel but it is possible that this could be the reason.

whmcs maintenance mode

Go to Setup > General Settings > General and turn off the “Maintenance Mode” setting by unticking/unchecking the checkbox and then save the settings.

2. Version Conflict

This is the most common cause that I’ve experienced in my case. The files version don’t match the database version.

Either the files are an older version or the database is an older version. It is quick and easy to fix though.

Download the latest WHMCS ZIP file and upload it to the current hosting folder and overwrite the existing files. Make sure that you upload the install directory as well.

Then access your hosting panel admin URL and you’ll be redirected to the install to do the update and get the files and database on level.

That’s it, problem solved!

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