This is Me & Who I Am

As a person we often have to look at ourselves and do a little bit of self-promotion to feel confident and happy with ourselves. Not to build and ego, just to have a normal self-esteem.

How I See Myself:

I am a good partner who cares for my other half and can love and show love as well.

As a father, I have always looked after and will always look after my children. I love them with all my heart and want them to have a good life.

Working hard and doing it as good as possible is a part of my character and who I am. I will always work hard and learn as much as possible throughout the process.

I am a very knowledgeable person in my field with a great deal of experience. I’m good at software development and related interests such as servers, technology, the internet and more.

People are amazing beings, therefore I really enjoy observing them, taking in what they have to say and also learn from their knowledge.

I have improved greatly in the area of listening to people instead of just talking and will continue to work on that aspect of myself.

Self-sufficiency is something I learned at a very young age in my life. I can build a home, cook, clean and do everything for myself around the house.

I’ve become much less sensitive to criticism and can take it with a pinch of salt, no matter who it comes from. I will consider it though.

I do not criticize or offend people just for the fun of it. It is against my new moral values to say negative things about people behind their back or to their face. Especially not personal things.

Anger was a problem I dealt with in the past and is now in the past. I don’t really get angry anymore and try to always stay as calm as possible at all times.

People enjoy my unique personality and laugh at the jokes that I make just because I enjoy being different and awkward. I love seeing others laugh and smile even if it may be at my own expense.

I am very free and giving and will share what I have with others. I’ve learned to not be selfish anymore and give what I have. A probable milestone that I’ve overcome in my life.

We will and should respect elders for their age and their knowledge. Older people have experienced so much in life no matter what their scale of success is. We can always listen and learn from them.

Those are some of the things but I will share more soon. All the best.

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