The People

It was kind of a life or death thing…

We are all crazy in our own way. Don’t we all want to try and feel normal but we secretly know that we are not normal or equally different?

One of the most amazing things I discovered in my life is music. The reason why I love good music so much is because a musician/author put down their emotions on a piece of paper and brought it to life.

This device cures heartache. What is your device? What is my device? Sometimes we know and we really aren’t sure. The actual device or factors that allow you to enjoy your life can change from time to time.

The reason why music means so much is because of the emotions I spoke about. Listening to music and feeling the emotion is a wonderful experience. When you actually listen to the lyrics and read what the person wrote and appreciate those words for what they mean, you can enjoy music on a completely different level.

In the same way as listening to music, you can listen to what people have to say. May they be strangers or familiar people around you, their minds will produce a unique thought each time they speak. Some may linger on the same conversation every time they speak while others will try and generate new and more interesting discussions. We are all different but even though that may be the case, we have to focus and concentrate on new and different topics to learn when we are on a social environment.

Imagine keeping quiet for a moment to listen to what someone else has to say. Absorb it, take it in and then as you start processing the topic, you can start asking them questions. What interests you in this topic? Ask yourself then start asking questions based on what you may wonder or think about.

We get to explore in the thoughts of others and also get to know ourselves better in the process. Not just know ourselves but we get to be ourselves. You don’t have to talk about yourself to be yourself. You can project your very specific questions and interests at another person’s conversation or story to get to be yourself.

If you listen to people and ask them questions, what is the next step? The next step would be to be consistent and kind. You have to persist and focus on interacting with the people that you engage with. Just listen and speak less. Your speech can be questions – very often qualifying as disruption – that might just annoy someone talking. A little bit sensitive in my opinion and I could probably be the same way.

A friend said to me that he is that old, single and living on his own for a reason. Very little did he realize that I was in the very same position that he was. We are all very much the same in a way that we just don’t realize yet. Most people still hold a specific level of moral value and believe that they are in a different league or class to others around them. Big mistake, so big that they will have to suffer the consequences of that on their own terms.

It is difficult to go through hard times and experience prolonged eruptions of sadness and melancholy.

Despite being the same in so many ways – being human beings – we are so different. It would’ve been much easier if we could understand exactly how everyone around us feel, right? It simply isn’t possible.

Have a little simmer on that and just try to understand that we are all the same yet all different. We can listen, ask, speak and still respect a person for what they are. Why not? Let’s try.

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